Domino's Pizza


The passion for quality and the unique taste of Domino’s pizza has created millions of Dominoers in over 80 countries with more than 12,5000 shops. Every Domino’s pizza is prepared with the best quality products, with fresh dough, which is stretched the moment your order is placed, aiming for the fluffiest result. What makes it stand out is the real, low fat mozzarella, for maximum delight, the famous peperoni along with the rest delicious ingredients, as well as the opportunity to place your order through the Application on your mobile phone, where you can watch your order being processed. Choose among pizzas, salads, chicken, appetizers, desserts, all at the best prizes, and enjoy with the fastest service by the experts of pizza delivery.


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  • 76 Miltonos, Zakaki
  • 15 Georgiou Neofitou, Mesa Yitonia
  • 12 Petrou Tsirou, Limassol


Phone Number:  77778558